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Keeping it Local

From the very beginning of her career with credit unions, Sue DeStephano, president/CEO of First Capital Federal Credit Union, knew that she was in the right place. “I love everything about the ‘people helping people’ credit union philosophy,” she said….

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14 Tips for Working from Home

So, you want to work from home. Who doesn’t? Working from home isn’t for everyone, though, and there are some caveats to consider. But, if you develop a good plan, “telecommuting” can be a productive and gratifying experience for you,…

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Harassment, Discrimination, or a Hostile Work Environment – Are your employees – or you – affected by this?

A truism in the realm of human resources and employment law is that perception shapes everything. The employer sincerely believes employees get all the breaks and can get away with anything. Just as sincerely, employees believe employers have all of…

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Test Your Nutritional IQ

Do friends rely on your nutritional savvy when they have questions about healthy foods? Can you recite the calorie counts of just about anything you eat? Or do you know how you should be eating but find it takes too…

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The Painful Period

Ah, the monthly curse. The ever-present but often unwanted menses; the annoying acquaintance you can’t seem to avoid. It’s fraught with limiting activities, altering clothing options, and needing to have the appropriate “materials” to manage it. And while all of…

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Fashion, Fun, and Glitz – All We Need is You!

We’ve brought together some of the best businesses in the area under one roof and they are eager to share their information, products, and samples with you. Don’t let them down; go online and register to attend today! Our first…

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