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A Recipe for Success

Deborah Albright knows firsthand that there is no time limit on fulfilling your dreams. This married mother of three worked diligently toward achieving her dream of owning a business, and today, working alongside her sons and her husband, she has…

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Berry Delicious—and Good for Your Heart!

Not only are berries natural comfort foods and good for your brain, but research has also found that berries lower the risk of a heart attack, among other health benefits. Want a delicious and easy way to reduce your risk…

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Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy – A Treatment Option for Congestive Heart Failure

The American Heart Association reports that nearly 5 million Americans are living with congestive heart failure, with approximately 550,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Described as a chronic, progressive condition that typically worsens with time, it can affect either the…

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Getting a Handle on Contingency Work

Exact statistics are hard to come by, but it seems a large percentage of American businesses use contingency workers. What are “contingency workers”? They include temporary workers but also independent contractors, freelancers, and part-time workers. If your business uses contingency…

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The Financial Cost of Temporary Work

When given the choice between a full-time job with regular pay and benefits and a temporary, part-time, hourly job with no benefits, most of us would pick the former. Some of those who would choose temporary work probably fall into…

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Exploring Mayan Ruins

The ideal vacation varies from person to person. It could be relaxing with no agenda, catching some rays with a good book in hand, pursuing your favorite sport or hobby, enjoying time with friends, or perhaps a bit of adventure….

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