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Changing the Landscape of Agriculture

When Molly and Peter Hughes first moved to Lancaster County, they never expected to stay longer than five years or so. But as they found out, this area grows on you—and this agricultural heart of the state has been the…

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Employee Termination: Best Practices, Common Pitfalls

On a sliding scale of workplace pleasantness, few—if any—professional circumstances manage to rank below employee termination. Having to fire or lay off an employee is generally not on a manager’s wish list, and rare is the employee who relishes being…

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Wonder Why You Hired A Dud?

“What happened?” you ask. HR screened the résumés and gave you the best of the stack. You checked for education, work experience, and skills, and they were all there. You interviewed her and she sounded bright and enthusiastic—a real go-getter….

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Writing Off Your Business Miles: A Crash Course

Track the miles you drive for work to deduct the cost from your taxes. Use a mileage log to give an accurate number to the government. When you drive for work, you’re eligible to take a write-off for nearly all…

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Workplace Wellness Programs Benefit Employers and Employees

Five years ago, Renee Covell experienced health issues and was admitted to the hospital. During her stay she reflected on her life. “I asked myself, ‘If I were to die, what three things would I have wished I had done?’”…

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