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In print, online, face to face, and through social medias, you will reach an exclusive group of female business leaders and decision makers.

  • Women now outnumber men in the workplace.
  • Women hold 49% of all managerial and professional specialty positions.
  • As founders of more than 75% of all new businesses over the past decade, women are a primary market for small business product and service providers.
  • Women business owners generate $3 trillion in annual economic impact and provide
    23 million jobs.
  • Women control more than $3.7 trillion per year in spending power.
  • Women select 89% of all bank accounts.
  • Women account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending.
  • Women purchase more than 50% of traditional male products, including cars, home improvement products, and consumer electronics.
  • 92% of women are the Chief Purchasing Officers in their homes.


advertise_imageThe purchasing power and economic clout of women continues to grow exponentially as the number of working women with higher discretionary income climbs.

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– Magazines Capture Your Most Wanted –
Magazines reach across various professions with readership increasing with more job responsibility. BusinessWoman is targeted to mid- to upper-level professional women, with higher incomes, more education and more job responsibility.
The measure of a medium should include its ability to reach a targeted market and to impact the person making the buying decisions. Women influence the purchase of 81 percent of all products and services.

BusinessWoman magazine, available in print and online, presents readers with a rich editorial environment along with topics tailored to their professional interests and lifestyle. Magazines can be reread or shared with others. Advertisers can place their messages in this niche magazine where they will have a high likelihood of being read and acted upon by their target audience.

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