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Barbara Trainin Blank

Ethics in Business Increasing in Value, Awarded in Lancaster

Some companies and organizations are all about the bottom line. For others, it’s about doing the right thing—conducting business according to ethics. Nick Paulukow, president and CEO of One2One, a Lancaster-based IT staff company, pursues a model based on “morals,…

0 Comments / 225 View / November 23, 2015

Breast Cancer Survivors

Long-time Survivor Credits ‘Attitude’ Often the woman herself discovers the cancer. That was true with Donna Davidson, who found a lump in her breast during self-examination in October 1998. While director of Heart Walk at the American Heart Association, Mitzi…

0 Comments / 237 View / October 1, 2015

Domestic Violence Survivors

Victim Denied, Then Acknowledged Abuse Lisa Knab’s (now Dynarski) new husband seemed like a nice guy. She was happy to find a father for her two daughters. For a few years, all went well. Then he hit her in front…

0 Comments / 634 View / October 1, 2015

Consider Life Insurance to Protect Your Loved Ones

Chances are, while you’ve meticulously purchased health insurance, dis­ability protection, and other benefits over the years, you might have neglected life insurance. According to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association, 30 percent of U.S. households have no life insurance…

0 Comments / 103 View / August 27, 2014