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Cheryl Maguire

PANDAS Disorder Isn’t Cute or Cuddly

When you read the word PANDAS, you probably envisioned a cute, cuddly animal native to China. Unfortunately, there is nothing cute or cuddly about the acronym PANDAS, which stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections. The disorder…

0 Comments / 68 View / December 31, 2019

The Best Way to Support Your Kid’s Coach? Let Them Do Their Job

I officially became a “soccer mom” last year when my 8-year-old daughter joined the town soccer team. She loves playing the sport and interacting with the other girls.  Being part of the team has entailed traveling to other towns. Sometimes we’ve witnessed other…

0 Comments / 26 View / September 1, 2019

What Age is Best for Your Tween or Teen to Have a Cellphone?

“Everyone has a cellphone but me,” whined my 12-year-old daughter. “Your twin brother doesn’t have one either,” I responded. A variation of this same conversation had been going on between us for years. Since my twins have lost their North…

0 Comments / 61 View / August 1, 2019