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Gina Napoli

Universities Making Changes to Accommodate Adult Learners

Universities that wish to remain competitive and attract new students have moved far away from the sole model of the ivory tower atop the hill. They offer flexible learning to cater to an older demographic who demands more choices and…

0 Comments / 53 View / May 31, 2018

A Cultural and Educational Retreat Vacation

Chautauqua (“shi-TAW-kwa”) Institution is a rejuvenating retreat where its visitors treat summer as a verb. The experience is a hybrid of a college campus, a summer camp, a church revival, and a bygone era resort like Kellerman’s (a la Dirty…

0 Comments / 79 View / May 1, 2018

Landlady Providing Second Chances

Linda Dean believes in second chances. She operates Kera’s House—a home environment for ex-offenders transitioning back into the community after incarceration. Her mainstreaming efforts include advocating for and educating each tenant to rebuild them into productive and contributing members of…

0 Comments / 82 View / October 31, 2017

Get Ready for Back-to-School

When enrolling my daughter in kindergarten in 2010, our school of choice required her to take a placement test. I didn’t give a thought as to what the test might ask her. Tie her shoes? Sing the alphabet? Point to…

0 Comments / 68 View / June 30, 2017

Ticked Off

With all the notable people and animals who call South-Central Pennsylvania home, the most unwelcome are deer ticks, dog ticks, and the occasional Rocky Mountain wood tick. Of the 14 different tick-borne diseases listed on the Center for Disease Control’s…

0 Comments / 126 View / May 1, 2016