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Kim Klugh

Catching Up with Kitchen Trends in 2019

Kitchens tend to be the go-to space for family and friends — the hangout centers where everyone can converge, converse, and mingle while sharing the prepping and cooking duties. If your home’s culinary hub needs a few refreshing touches or…

0 Comments / 79 View / April 1, 2019

Discover Your Wine Crush in Pennsylvania’s Wineries and Vineyards

Whether you’re a neophyte when it comes to wine tasting or an enthusiast with a well-honed palate, Pennsylvania wine country provides enough variety to keep everyone in high spirits. Even if wine descriptors such as crisp, fruit-forward, complex, or velvety…

0 Comments / 132 View / August 1, 2018

Be Well Advised When Executing Employment Background Checks

Attracting the most qualified candidates for the job you’re looking to fill can be time consuming. After you’ve culled through the resumes and conducted interviews with the most promising prospects, you’re ready to make an offer. Only after you’ve made…

0 Comments / 78 View / July 1, 2018

Plated Meals, Food Bars, Global Flavors, and Bite-sized Treats— What’s Taking Center Stage at Corporate Events?

Whether the corporate event is a seminar or conference, a company retreat or an appreciation event, a teambuilding experience or a product launch, the food and drink are essential components to its overall success. No matter the event’s purpose or…

0 Comments / 154 View / August 31, 2017

There’s No Need to Suffer in Silence — Seek Treatment for Pelvic Floor Disorders

When it comes to pelvic floor disorders, the symptoms get old fast. For example, some women experience a heavy feeling or severe pressure in the pelvis or a bulging in the vaginal or rectal area, creating the sensation that their…

0 Comments / 194 View / June 30, 2017

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy – A Treatment Option for Congestive Heart Failure

The American Heart Association reports that nearly 5 million Americans are living with congestive heart failure, with approximately 550,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Described as a chronic, progressive condition that typically worsens with time, it can affect either the…

0 Comments / 213 View / January 31, 2017

When Flirting with Franchise Ownership, Due Diligence is Required

If you’ve fantasized about delving into business ownership but want to avoid the risk and hassle of getting established and building a reputation, then franchise ownership may be the option that satisfies your entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than take the gamble…

0 Comments / 113 View / October 1, 2016

Hormone Therapy – Is it the Solution for Your Disruptive Menopausal Symptoms?

Night sweats soak your sheets and hot flashes strike in the middle of a sales presentation. Mood swings hit, along with vaginal discomfort and dryness. Are you one of the many women entering menopause whose quality of life is compromised…

0 Comments / 164 View / January 26, 2016