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Lynda Hudzick

Smoothing out the Rough Spots

“What do you do when the family business gets thrust into your lap unexpectedly?” Karen Galebach Haldeman asked. “You do a lot of soul searching, praying, and decision making!” Galebach’s Floor Finishing, Inc. was founded in 1924 by John K….

0 Comments / 307 View / March 1, 2015

A Brand All Her Own

Branding can be defined as the promise a business makes to its customer: what that customer can expect of a business’s products and services and what makes that business different from its competitors. It reflects who the business owner is…

0 Comments / 296 View / February 19, 2015

Success by the Numbers

Numbers have always fascinated me,” Tonya McGee, COO of BVFR & Associates, LLC, said. “But I never imagined I would become an investment banker.” Her career began as a licensed cosmetologist and, as she calls herself, a “serial entrepreneur.” It…

0 Comments / 715 View / January 15, 2015

Comfortable Surroundings

Spending time in a place that makes you feel calmer and more relaxed can have a remarkable effect on your state of mind—and probably no one understands that better than Anita Yoder, president and owner of Heritage Design Interiors, Inc….

0 Comments / 138 View / December 15, 2014

It Takes a Great Team to Pull Off a Great Event

“As anyone knows when you are in a customer service-related industry, the customers’ needs always come first,” Kristie Barney with Hospitality Management Corporation said. “So even though I may have work piling up on my desk, if the phone rings,…

0 Comments / 298 View / August 26, 2014

Marilyn L. Bowers

When Marilyn L. Bowers, diversity liaison for Quandel Construction, Inc., was 10 years old, her parents divorced, leaving her mother to face some challenging times as a single parent. “Like most families with one parent, I was a witness early…

0 Comments / 166 View / May 26, 2014