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Megan Joyce

Does Your Dated Deck Need Some TLC?

As the first rays of springtime sun begin to peep through April’s clouds, warming the air and teasing us with the promise of even pleasanter weather to come, we turn our mind’s eye toward the approaching days when we can…

0 Comments / 60 View / April 1, 2017

More Women ‘Leaning In’ by Learning the Ropes of Small-Business Ownership

Amidst the cultural rally for work/life balance-torn women to “lean in”—to continue pursuing their career goals and speak up for their needs—more and more women are deciding to do so on their own terms: by becoming their own bosses. By…

0 Comments / 57 View / November 1, 2016

Pediatric Hospice: Specialized Care Supports Both Children and Families

More than anything else, Caroline McCardell wants families with a terminally ill child to know there is tremendous support available to them—compassionate, expert care tailored to each family’s specific needs in a time of unspeakable stress and grief. “Pediatric hospice…

0 Comments / 131 View / August 1, 2016

Holiday Decorating Done Differently

It’s an annual ceremony of sorts: the day you emerge from the garage, basement, or attic lugging those dusty boxes that contain decades’ worth of holiday décor—garland, ornaments, candles, lights, and musical tchotchkes. It’s the day the approaching holiday season…

0 Comments / 155 View / October 29, 2015