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Rochelle A. Shenk

What’s the ‘Clean Slate’ Law?

The often-used term “clean slate” means starting new, typically with a fresh approach. The state’s Clean Slate Law (Act 56 of 2018), which Gov. Wolf signed into law June 28, 2018, became effective 180 days after it was signed. Clean…

0 Comments / 62 View / April 1, 2019

The ‘Eyes’ Have It

You may have heard the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul,” or perhaps read the Biblical verse Matthew 6:22-24: “The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body…

0 Comments / 69 View / September 1, 2018

So What Does a Sales Manager Really Do?

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says that a sales manager directs an organization’s sales team. Information on the bureau’s website indicates that in 2014 there were 376,300 sales manager positions in the U.S., and that number…

0 Comments / 101 View / October 1, 2017

The Psoas Muscle: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Unlike the quads, triceps, or glutes, the psoas (pronounced “so-as”) muscle isn’t commonly known, but it does serve an important function. Alicia Bettis, PT, DPT, MSATC, OCS, Cert.MDT, and center manager at Drayer Physical Therapy’s Linglestown office, says that most…

0 Comments / 876 View / February 27, 2017

Exploring Mayan Ruins

The ideal vacation varies from person to person. It could be relaxing with no agenda, catching some rays with a good book in hand, pursuing your favorite sport or hobby, enjoying time with friends, or perhaps a bit of adventure….

0 Comments / 167 View / January 31, 2017

Thyroid Disease—Know the Facts

As we go through life, we often hear about various medical conditions—such as heart disease, high cholesterol, or osteoporosis—and the steps we can take to prevent those maladies. We don’t often hear about thyroid issues, but they are more common…

0 Comments / 129 View / December 30, 2016

Weekend Getaways within a Half-Day’s Drive

Every year in September, I offer some destinations for a fun weekend or long-weekend getaway. Whether you’re thinking of a couple’s weekend, some family-friendly fun, or a “girls’ getaway,” here are some locations to consider. The National Park Service is…

0 Comments / 158 View / September 1, 2016

What a Woman Wants—In Cars

Fall used to be the “big reveal” for new cars, but now many auto manufacturers unveil new models or restyles of existing models in the spring as well. Purchasing that new car should be a fun experience—after all, there’s a…

0 Comments / 353 View / June 1, 2016

Alleviating the Pain and Discomfort of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often a time filled with joy and excitement at the prospect of bringing new life into the world. A woman’s body undergoes many changes during this nine-month period. Sometimes the changes may trigger aches, pains, and general discomfort….

0 Comments / 169 View / April 1, 2016