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As a publisher of active adult and senior publications, we understand the role of the caregiver. As publisher of BusinessWoman magazine, we understand the responsibility women frequently have as caregivers. Approximately 1.5 million full-time workers actively provide care to dependent older people.

The majority of family caregivers (61 percent) are women who provide unpaid assistance to individuals coping with chronic and long-term illness.

Today, these caregivers are providing care and assistance to spouses, relatives, friends, and children. Sometimes they have questions, encounter problems, become overwhelmed by the responsibility, or exhausted due to juggling personal and professional lives.

Caregiver Solutions guide provides information, resources, and support that caregivers need in order to take care of a loved one … and themselves. Caregiver Solutions guide is inserted in the July edition of BusinessWoman magazine. Additional copies are distributed at key events throughout the year.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to advertise your product or service to caregivers.

– Directory of Providers: housing, care, and other complementary senior-related services.
– Books and Resources
– Support Organizations
– Articles: topics can include finance, coping, support groups, family values, or simple solutions

  •   The majority of caregivers are women (between 59% and 75%).
  •   Family and friends provide nearly 80% of older adult care.
  •   Long-distance caregivers miss close to 20 hours of work per month.

Inserted into the July edition of BusinessWoman.

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