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The Future of Higher Education: Accelerated Degrees and Online Learning

Many working women want to go back to school but worry about making it work with their busy schedules and family responsibilities. What they often don’t realize, however, is that higher education is undergoing major changes in order to better…

0 Comments / 506 View / July 1, 2015

Overwhelmed America: Why Don’t We Take More Time Off?

Americans are overwhelmed—but they aren’t taking the breaks they’ve earned. Nearly three-quarters of workers say they are stressed at work, with one in four reporting they are either “very” or “extremely” stressed. It’s no surprise that Americans feel this way….

0 Comments / 250 View / June 1, 2015

Successful Succession Planning

The unexpected death or disability of a business owner is difficult waters for any business to navigate. Family members, customers, vendors, and employees all have a stake in the continued viability of a business affected by an unexpected death or…

0 Comments / 168 View / May 1, 2015

Leading a Multi-Generational Workplace

For the first time in history, four generations are working side by side. Although different values, experiences, styles, and activities may sometimes create misunderstandings and frustrations, organizations that choose to develop leadership across the generations will gain a competitive edge….

0 Comments / 278 View / April 1, 2015

Managing Employee use of Social Media

As social media use among people of all ages continues to rise, it should come as no surprise that such use is creating significant challenges within the workplace. Gone are the days when employees needed access to company-provided desktop computers…

0 Comments / 221 View / March 1, 2015

How Rewiring Can Help Solve the Riddle of Work, Life and Balance

For women especially, the work/life balance is a delicate act, a constant pressure, sometimes even a constant guilt. Working women struggle every day with this and constantly ask themselves: Am I working hard enough? Am I working too hard? Am…

0 Comments / 200 View / December 15, 2014

Financing Growth — Tax strategies to generate cash or enhance cash flow

Cash flow has always been the lifeblood of a business and critical to its growth. Limited cash flow can constrain the financial mobility of small-sized companies; however, experts believe that a comprehensive assessment of business tax strategies can assist in…

0 Comments / 432 View / August 26, 2014

It Takes a Great Team to Pull Off a Great Event

“As anyone knows when you are in a customer service-related industry, the customers’ needs always come first,” Kristie Barney with Hospitality Management Corporation said. “So even though I may have work piling up on my desk, if the phone rings,…

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