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Keep Calm It’s Ladies Night Out!

Keep Calm It’s Ladies Night Out! Register online today!

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Plant Now for a Beautiful Garden Now and in the Future

Don’t pack away that shovel and trowel. Fall is a great time to plant a few new additions in the landscape. Here are just a few ideas for adding immediate and long-term beauty to your garden. Add cool season annuals…

0 Comments / 126 View / October 1, 2015

The Women’s Expo – Let’s Get Together and Have Some Fun!

We’re very excited about the upcoming women’s expos and hope you have already registered to attend. A great day has been planned so you and your family and friends have an amazing experience! We are thrilled that so many businesses…

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Decorate Your Home with Your Own Style in Mind

From popular fabric choices to the unveiling of the color of the year, home décor can seem overwhelming. Trying to keep up with the latest changes can be a stretch for your wallet and your memory bank. But filling your…

0 Comments / 164 View / September 1, 2015

Fruit-Filled Summer Celebrations

Whether you anticipate fun-filled pool parties, laid-back picnics at the park or casual dinner parties at home, summer entertaining gets a little sweeter when you serve up the right desserts. When the weather warms up, let the flavors from your…

0 Comments / 170 View / August 1, 2015

A Couple Days to Get Away – Where to Go, What to Do

You finally have that much-needed time off—a weekend or long weekend to de-stress, “recharge your batteries,” or spend some fun time with family and friends. While hanging out around the house or having a “staycation” and enjoying local activities can…

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Help Your Mom Help You

Even if your mom has always been there for you, given the rising cost of childcare, daycare tuition, and pretty much everything else related to raising a family, you may be relying on her support more than ever. According to…

0 Comments / 167 View / July 1, 2015

How Homeschooling and Cyber Charter Schools Help Students Grow

Most educators agree: Not every child learns the same. While some students flourish with hands-on experiences, others love burying their noses in a book. Some students master the art of leadership in group settings, while others develop the most when…

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Women Buying Cars

If you are a woman buying a new or used car, follow these tips to get the car you need at the price you want. Women buy 54 percent of the cars in the United States and influence 84 percent…

0 Comments / 390 View / June 1, 2015

‘Fashion’ Your Seatbelt – It’s Going to Be a Great Day!

Women of all ages will find the Lancaster County women’s expo a great way to spend their day. Features include health, fashion, home ideas, fitness, nutrition, travel, and entertainment. Every woman will go home feeling pampered and refreshed. Gather your…

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