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October 2013

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Janis Herschkowitz,
Janis Herschkowitz loves the work that she does and the company she owns along with her sister and mother. It’s truly a family-owned business. She appreciates her dedicated coworkers and believes they have made PRL what it has become today.
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 Feature Stories

Becoming Indispensible
at Work

Whats the best way to go about securing your future and avoid the risk of becoming dispensible at work? (read more)

8 Myths of Domestic Violence and how they Impact us All Domestic violence is one of the most misunderstood social issues in America. Most of us simply cannot understand what causes a person to inflict pain on the very people he professes to love the most. (read more).
What's HOT in Kitchen
Kitchens can become dated, both from updates in appliance manufacturing and from fashion trend changes, much the same way that hairstyles and clothing do (read more)

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The Harrisburg Chapter of EWI awarded $6,000 in the 2013 Adult Student in Scholastic Transition Scholarship (ASIST) Program. The Taylor/Cackovic Scholarship recipients are: Christine Hollman, Jillisa McCollum, and Cassandra Guerrero.

From left: Christine Hollman, recipient; Dee (Cackovic) Kolakowski; and Cassandra Guerrero, recipient.


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