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September 2013

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Kristen Hertzog,
who has lived in Lancaster County for the past 20 years and is co-founder of the Lancaster-based Haitian Connection Network (HCN), loved growing up in a multicultural area, she said, and had friends of all ethnicities.
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The Social Media Effect
Are we really presenting who we are or are we presenting a hyper-idealistic version of ourselves? (read more)
Pennsylvania—wine trails and wine tasting... it has it all! Visit a winery for a new experience. (read more)
Lancaster's only tasting room of California wines. (read more).

Weight Control is Not Only Found in the Gym
The benefits of weight loss and some options to get there. (read more)


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The Harrisburg Chapter of EWI awarded $6,000 in the 2013 Adult Student in Scholastic Transition Scholarship (ASIST) Program. The Taylor/Cackovic Scholarship recipients are: Christine Hollman, Jillisa McCollum, and Cassandra Guerrero.

From left: Christine Hollman, recipient; Dee (Cackovic) Kolakowski; and Cassandra Guerrero, recipient.


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