Present Your Brand to Your Target Market—Exhibit at an Expo!

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Crux, a woman-owned and certified business, offers clients more than 40 years of cumulative experience in marketing, design, and digital communications. We began by designing well-branded tradeshow exhibits, so we’re firm believers in the value and importance of exhibiting in appropriate tradeshows and local expos when you’re developing a brand.

Unfortunately, many business owners neglect taking advantage of this valuable venue because they don’t understand just how high the ROI can be if they participate.

According to Georganne Bender, a retail consultant and recognized industry expert, many business owners don’t participate in expos or tradeshows to save on expenses.

“What they don’t realize,” claims Bender, “is that it actually costs them more by not attending” because of “missed opportunities of finding new vendors, staying competitive to the competition, and not expanding … inventory based on market trends and proven data.”

Here are six reasons why exhibiting at an expo can help build your business:

Expos allow you to reach your ideal target market.
You don’t have to make cold calls to get an appointment with them, drive miles to see them, and then hope the meeting isn’t interrupted by other business before you can even begin.

People come to expos to get information from exhibitors like you. So you’ll find them not only willing, but also eager for your explanation of what you do and how you do it.

Expos are a fun way to reconnect with customers you already know.
Don’t tell anyone—but expos are fun! And if you have customers you haven’t seen for a while, inviting them to an expo is a great way to catch up with them when they visit your booth.

You can demonstrate new products or services they may not know about. Or just schmooze and enjoy their company as they remember why they like doing business with you.

Expos help you to research what others in your industry are doing.
After all, if you don’t know what others are offering potential customers, how can you compete against them effectively? Participating in an industry expo will let you see their offerings in the same way your target market does.

With this knowledge you may decide to emphasize a service that your competitors don’t seem to have or to improve a service or add a product that seems to be in demand. You’ll also be able to introduce yourself to others in your industry in a friendly, congenial atmosphere.

Expos are the perfect opportunity to connect with local vendors.
Every business needs the services of other businesses. Maybe you’re looking for a more effective way to ship your products, a financial advisor to suggest how to profit more from your earnings, or a graphic designer to help you with a new logo.

Expos are ideal venues to “window shop” business-to-business services. And it gives those services a chance to learn more about the potential clients in their communities.

Expos are the most direct way to build local awareness of your brand.
Face-to-face interaction is always the most effective way to sell products and services. Exhibiting at an expo lets you do that with the very audience most likely to be receptive to your products and your company.

That’s why it’s such a cost-effective way for businesses, nonprofit associations, and professional consultants to develop a local following.

Expos are the best way to develop your sales skills for industry tradeshows.
If you’re planning to exhibit at other events during the year, participating in a local expo is an excellent way to hone your tradeshow skills and those of your staff members. You can try out the effectiveness of your giveaways, your talking points, and your approach to customers. BW

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