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Success Stories

Professionally, who are the people you surround yourself with on a regular basis? Are they encouraging? Are you seeing them succeeding and developing in their own careers?

If you want to achieve more, surround yourself with people who believe in themselves, who are motivated to advance their own careers, and who are positive thinkers. They will be your inspiration.

Whereas some women thrive on being in the limelight, others shy away from it. But the women included in Success Stories know the value of investing in themselves and, for some, stepping out of their comfort zones and sharing their stories.

Although they come from a variety of backgrounds—self-employed entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees of area businesses or nonprofits—they are all confident, self-motivated, and assertive women.

They are leaders in the corporate and nonprofit world. Leaders instill in others a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.

Success Stories, produced by On-Line Publishers, Inc., is an extension of BusinessWoman magazine, an award-winning publication online at and in print … so you can read it anywhere, anytime

Beginning with a one-county senior publication in 1995, On-Line Publishers has come to produce a diverse line of publications and events focused specifically on the needs and interests of women, boomers, and seniors. We have gone from one edition of 50plus Senior News to publishing editions online and in print in six counties, as well as BusinessWoman magazine, b magazine, 50plus Living, and many other specialty publications.

Through the combined efforts of a competent, creative, and engaged staff, we have brought more than 100 50plus EXPOs, Veterans' Expos and women’s expos to the region.

I have been fortunate to have benefitted from the wisdom of men and women who took the time to offer suggestions and advice along the way. I, in turn, have enjoyed helping women in any way I can and take pleasure in seeing their successes.

Whether you’re just beginning your career or have reached a level of success, I know when you read the stories you will be inspired. Perhaps next year you will consider being included so others may benefit from your experiences.

Donna K. Anderson

Inserted into the March edition of BusinessWoman.

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