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Foundation Connects Breast Cancer Patients, Seniors with Home Care and Funding

Cheryl Kay Stawovy lost her life to breast cancer in 2013, but a foundation created in her name soon after has ensured that her legacy and life’s passion live on. Also formed in 2013, the Pennsylvania-based Cheryl Kay Foundation has…

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Gynecological Care Shifts Focus During and After Menopause

The process of menopause brings myriad changes to a woman’s life, including a shift in focus for her routine gynecological care. BusinessWoman spoke with Dr. Kathleen Gerbert, of May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology in Lancaster, about the ways in which gynecological…

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Cholesterol: The Lowdown on the Highs and Lows

When it comes to cholesterol numbers, we hear the medical professionals’ — and the pharmaceutical companies’ — constant calls to get our cholesterol lower, lower, lower. So it may surprise you to know that, despite its thoroughly negative reputation, we…

0 Comments / 61 View / May 31, 2018