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Peace ~ It doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things, and still be Calm in your Heart. Unknown

The holiday season is a wonderful time of love, light, and connection. It can also generate a lot of stress, especially for busy, successful businesswomen trying to wear our many hats.

This can be challenging enough on a day-to-day basis, but now there are gifts to choose and wrap, family events to attend (not to mention complex family dynamics), and the stirred-up emotions dealing with the frenetic energy that abounds everywhere this time of year.

Reiki can be a way to keep yourself “filled up” so that when you choose to share your precious time and energy with your friends, family, and coworkers, you do so from a healthy and loving place, rather than becoming drained, burned out, or resentful.

Reiki is a natural, holistic, hands-on healing technique that is very gentle and deeply relaxing. It is primarily intended for reducing stress, promoting balance, and restoring inner peace. Within the course of an hour, recipients typically feel their stress, and the underlying sources, simply melt away.

It is a very comfortable and calming session. You snuggle in, fully clothed under a cozy blanket, with an eye pillow to help you relax and a soft roll under your knees to release any lower back tension.

Reiki consists of a gentle, light touch and a balancing of your energy just above your body. The Reiki session begins over your face and head. Many people feel the energy right away, describing feelings of warmth, tingling, and vibration.

It is a complete head-to-toe experience, as many times where we feel our symptoms isn’t always where the source of the problem is located. The source can be on the physical, mental/emotional, or even attitudinal level.

Most people fall asleep or go to a deep meditative state without any effort. There is nothing to do, think about, or try; Reiki is about allowing and being!

During a Reiki session, your body accepts whatever energy you need and releases what no longer serves you, so that your system is more balanced. When we are in a better place of balance, our bodies can work naturally and more efficiently as they are designed to do.

Reiki can work physically, assisting with both pain issues and muscle tension. It is also very energizing, and after their sessions my clients report increased creativity and productivity. Their energy is calm and focused as they move forward with their busy days and lives.

Additionally, you can learn self-Reiki, which is a practical tool in your own hands whenever you are feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping. Reiki can be shared with your family and pets.

Growing on the Reiki path means “living Reiki,” becoming conscious of how the energy of all your words, thoughts, attitudes, and emotions affect your own health and wellness and the well-being of everyone around you.

Although life will always have its challenges, you can learn to bring yourself back to your place of inner peace easier and quicker. BW

In alignment with the Reiki healing principles, here are my wishes for you throughout the holidays and into the upcoming new year:

  • May you remember what you love, what sparks you and brings you endless, timeless joy, and consciously create more time for these things in your life.
  • May you forgive yourself and others for the sake of peace.
  • May you remember that we are all doing the best that we can with the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences we bring to this moment. This will allow you to see with the eyes of compassion.
  • May you know how precious your energy is and choose loving and peaceful words, thoughts, and attitudes every day. May you attract the same.
  • May you remember that life’s challenging people and situations are a gift, helping you learn and grow in ways that you wouldn’t/couldn’t have chosen on your own.
  • May you find the perfect balance of quiet introspection, service, connection, laughter, and play.
  • May you receive your heart’s desire, and most importantly, may you know that you are worthy and deserving of receiving.
  • May you continue to be of loving purpose always.
  • May you keep things in perspective and remember to breathe.
  • May you feel the peace, contentment, and joy within you.
  • May you remember that we need each other. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and receive, for this allows others the joy of sharing too.

Rickie Meryl Freedman is a physical therapist and Reiki master/teacher. She is the owner and creator of Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place, Harrisburg’s first Reiki Center.

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