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Leading a Multi-Generational Workplace

For the first time in history, four generations are working side by side. Although different values, experiences, styles, and activities may sometimes create misunderstandings and frustrations, organizations that choose to develop leadership across the generations will gain a competitive edge….

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A Millennial who is Confident & Ambitious

When Rebecca Howell Foote was 5 years old, she received her first paycheck for sweeping the floors of her parents’ Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership, setting in motion a continuation of her family’s strong work ethic that would someday aid in the…

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Fostering Happy Campers

All too soon we’ll be hearing those words: School’s out for the summer! This may be music to the ears of our children, but to us, it signals the beginning of three months of hearing: “Mom, I’m bored. There’s nothing…

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Protecting Children from Predators

We must take a stand against child sexual abuse. Secrecy, denial, and silence are not acceptable actions. There are an estimated 39 million survivors of child sexual abuse in America. Where there are children, there are predators. At school. In…

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