About Us

About BusinessWoman magazine

BusinessWoman magazine targets women who are juggling career, family, personal well-being and the countless demands of the day.

Our readership is comprised of educated and established professional women. Their household incomes are well above average. They are decision makers.

Inside BusinessWoman magazine:

  • Profiles about successful women and their companies
  • Columns on career planning, legal issues, and financial planning
  • Management and sales strategies
  • Editorial about general topics of interest in working women’s everyday lives
  • Women To Watch and Achievements and Applause — Announcements of promotions, awards & new hires
  • Wellness articles
  • Meet and Greet — Calendar of events
  • While We Were Out — A place for local businesses to share pictures of their involvement in the community or  networking event.

Our Vision:
To enrich the lives of professional women through education and encouragement.

Our Mission:
To serve professional women by understanding their needs and identifying and delivering resources to enhance their careers.