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Are You Covered if Your Business is Interrupted?

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and your insurance program should work hard to protect you from financial ruin. Even the smallest of claims can set your business back for weeks or months.  What if you had a fire…

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Making the Most of Networking Based on Your Personality Type

When you arrive at a networking event, do you plunge through the doorway Oprah-esque, announcing, “I’m heeeeeere!” or do you stand at the doorway, survey the room, and then slowly move around the perimeter looking for a familiar face? At…

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Causes of Organizational Crises are So Predictable

More than 70% of organizational crises are predictable because they are largely created by management’s own actions or inactions. Mismanagement is the biggest cause of crises, accounting for around 27–30% of cases where smoldering issues have erupted into full-blown crises….

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How Women Can Earn a College Degree — without Sacrificing Family, Compromising Their Job, or Going Broke

So you’d like to further your education, but with a job and a family, you don’t know where you’d find time for the commute and classes, let alone to study? Even if you could, there are the ever-increasing costs for…

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How to Monitor and Maximize Your Online Reputation

It may surprise you to learn that online communication where we can talk in groups, solicit opinions, answer questions, etc. (like social media), has roots that go back over 40 years to the online bulletin boards that formed in the…

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Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

By TORI FICA You know that cousin you haven’t spoken to in years? It’s not because you don’t like her — you just moved away from each other and lost touch. A month without contact turns into six months, then…

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Employers, Employees Urged to Address Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Pennsylvania ranks No. 1 on a list it doesn’t want to be on. The commonwealth is outpacing all other states in overdose deaths, having seen a 43 percent increase over the last year. According to the Centers for Disease Control…

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What’s the ‘Clean Slate’ Law?

The often-used term “clean slate” means starting new, typically with a fresh approach. The state’s Clean Slate Law (Act 56 of 2018), which Gov. Wolf signed into law June 28, 2018, became effective 180 days after it was signed. Clean…

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How to Manage a Disgruntled Employee

We’ve all seen disgruntled employees. They’re unmotivated, decline to join in team activities, and don’t seem to respect the company much. Perhaps they’re amazing at what they do, or maybe the company can’t afford to lose the employee. Often, a…

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Navigating Business Finance Needs for Small and Medium Businesses

Beyond initial startup, small and medium businesses often find a need to finance growing and/or sustaining their businesses and look to their local bank or credit union for help.  Since your financial institution plays such a critical role in your…

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