Jewelry – Stackable, Sparkly, & Simple

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Women aren’t waiting for men to buy them jewelry. We’re going out and buying it ourselves.

It could be a purchase simply for fashion, or it could be an emotional purchase for a celebration, reward, or for a sentimental reason.

So what’s hot?
Glitz yourself up this holiday season with the hottest in jewelry pieces. From stacked and sparkly to unpretentious, there is jewelry to meet every woman’s style. Year after year, the diamond continues to reign supreme as a timeless classic.

Stacking rings are making a huge impact with women of all ages, especially colorful, diamond stacking rings.

“Pink gold is on the rise as well. With the diamonds, we have them with various gemstones. Almost anything is available. It takes on a nice look,” said Alan Friedland, owner of Ream Jewelers in Lancaster. “They’re dainty rings. Very pretty.”

Stacking rings are versatile and can be worn stacked all on one finger or singly worn on multiple fingers. They can be mixed and matched to your personality. Some women wear a few stacking rings on one finger and then put a single ring higher up on each finger, just below the fingernail.

“They look really nice whether [worn] by themselves or on either side of an engagement ring too,” Friedland said.

Friedland also said that cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are becoming quite the trend. Cushion-cut diamonds have historical roots. Some of the most famous gemstones in the world are cushion cuts, including the blue Hope Diamond and the Logan Sapphire, the largest sapphire in the world.

Cushion-cut gems come in various shapes, such as ovals, squares, or rectangles, but all have rounded corners.

“It has a nice dome to it. It’s really sparkly,” Friedland said. “The rings are just beautiful. You get a maximum amount of brilliance added to the size of the diamond.”

The most popular addition to an engagement ring nowadays is the halo. Characterized by a little circle of diamonds surrounding the center diamond, the halo setting gives the ring a bold look with a touch of sparkle and can really draw out the brilliance of the setting.

White gold continues to be the No. 1 choice for diamond engagement rings, but Friedland said yellow gold is beginning to come around.

“(Our store) has always had variety, and we are always looking for new and beautiful collections to offer our customers,” Friedland said. “We are packed solid in every case with beautiful jewelry.”

If you love shimmer, you may want to consider sterling silver, perhaps pieces from the Elle Jewelry collection. These pieces are only crafted from 925 sterling silver and finished with layers of palladium and rhodium. This combination gives them shine and durability while being hypoallergenic. This finish also resists tarnishing!

Another elegant collection of handcrafted jewelry is by the Italian designer Marco Bicego. The Marco Bicego Jewelry collection combines old-world tradition with contemporary designs. He uses a hand-twisted coil technique, passed down from his father, and a Blunio, a special tool for hand carving that also gives the gold a brushed texture.

“He creates beautiful, beautiful jewelry for women that can be worn daily. They’re so pretty and different,” Friedland said. “Ninety-eight percent of the collection is carried in yellow gold.”
Gemstones in any color are still a hit. Yellow-gold necklaces or beads can be paired well with any gemstone, like amethyst or garnet. The classic diamond-stud earrings are the top-selling item in the store.

An owner for more than 40 years, Friedland said his customers are fascinated by one-of-a-kind pieces, like opals or aquamarines from Africa.

“Anything that’s different. That’s what we try to strive for,” he said. “People love our store because they find things they won’t be able to find in other stores.”

Just as quality is important when selecting a piece of jewelry, customers also identify craftsmanship with brand names like Rolex, a popular watch company.

“They are probably the most recognizable, finest-quality time pieces in the world,” Friedland said.

As the holiday season lurks around the corner, keeping up with the trends can be a fun, enjoyable shopping experience for customers, jewelry designers, and salespeople. However, no matter the style or the trend, every client can be knowledgeable about jewelry, thanks to information available online.

“With the Internet today, you can go research about an item before coming into the store,” Friedland said. “Our sales staff is professional. We are here to guide [customers]and protect them.” BW

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